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What We Actually Do

As Malaysia’s leading training provider, everything we do is about delivering ordinary people’s extraordinary dreams – for both corporate and individuals. We help our corporate clients delivering ordinary people’s extraordinary dreams for the company by harnessing the power of properly skilled people maximising the use of technology. We help our individual client empower possibilities by equipping themselves with the best skills to expand their horizons, giving them the power to choose the best career path.

At the heart of every NQC Technology solution is our methodology: The Power of Learning. It incorporates relevant hands-on activities in appropriate business context, so people clearly understand the actions they are supposed to take and the reasons for doing so.

Why does The Power of Learning work? Every NQC Technology learning program incorporates five key elements needed to ensure lasting knowledge and make change happen.

Invite people to be a part of the process, simply by starting a dialogue. We help create discussion around your vision or goals to promote understanding and generate support.

A clear, consistent messages leaves no room for distortion or misinterpretation. We help identify and communicate the precise message or message you wish to share, creating unity and mutual understanding.

People learn by experience – their own. Only then will they remember what they’ve learned and use it to take the appropriate action.

Our solutions help everyone in the organisation visualise cause and effect, understand the impact of decision and, ultimately, create their own “mental map” of what needs to happen in order to achieve a desired mission, vision or goals.

Our learning solutions create the timeliness and urgency that mobilises teams of people – from small groups to several thousand- into action.

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What We Set Out To Be

Delivering ordinary people's extraordinary dreams.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We focus on closing the skills gap via training. Our training and consultation have helped people in building their own successful businesses.

Our Objective

Our Objective

  1. To create clarity and help people develop real and lasting knowledge - so they can work more efficiently and productively.
  2. We provide specially tailored solutions to turn companies from non-performers to industry leaders.
  3. Our approach is simple, usable, highly practical, and fun so that participants learn faster, remember more and achieve maximum results.

Our Mission

Our Mission

N - Next Big Thing
Q - Quality of Services
C - Committed to Excellence

Our Value & Ways of Being

Our Value & Ways of Being
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Meet Our Lineup

As we deliver ordinary people’s extraordinary dreams for our clients, we also apply the same principle to our people. Our staff is people who care about people, working in an environment, which encourages learning, open communication, and trust, delivering ordinary peoples extraordinary dreams for you, the organization and our valued clients.

Ahmad Helmi Ibrahim

Managing Director

Helmi’s expertise and enthusiasm for managing training & development result in an innovative and dynamic approach to training, ensuring program content is current and relevant to the specific needs of clients. With 15 years of experience in the training industry, Ahmad Helmi brings a wealth of knowledge gained through working with some of Malaysia’s and Asia’s largest and most prestigious corporations, government agencies and private sectors.

He believes in the Power of Learning, where clarity frees people to do the right thing. When people understand the process or principles then they will perform to their real capacity. After the training session, they will have the knowledge and confidence to act in ways – discovering cost savings, improving process efficiencies or coordinating day-to-day actions more effectively – that add value to their business.

Beside running a training provider institute and other development activities, Helmi also has experience in Application Development project for government agencies and ministry.

30 years of experience in ICT as implementer, trainer, consultant & auditor.

Background Qualification/Courses
Thirty years of consulting and management experience in the area of operation management, system design, system maintenance and management system standards. 

While serving the Malaysian Armed Forces, responsible for the planning, design and joint development of Malaysian Armed Forces Command Control Communication and Intelligence System (MAFC3I).
Later, while serving the IT solution provider company, responsible for the designing of ICT infrastructure, implementation, and user migration for government buildings in Putrajaya.

As Quality Assurance Manager and Lead Auditor, responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation, measurement and reporting of quality and information security performances. Conducted the CMMI SCAMPI C and participated in SCAMPI B Appraisals to evaluate the company’s software development processes.

Certified as an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Assessor/Auditor for more than 10 years, and have attended other system improvement and management standards including Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI-Dev), Safety and Health Officer (SHO), ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System, MS 1900 Requirements for Islamic Perspective, ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System, and MS 1970 – Business Continuity Management.

• Diploma of Project Management – CA Institute, Australia
• ISO 9001 ǪMS Assessor/Auditor – SIRIM/ RABǪSA
• Certificate Safety and Health Officer – NIOSH
• Train the Trainer – HRDF
• Certificate in Computer Science – USM
• Certificate in Corporate Governance – MIM/ Basel Institute of Governance
• Certificate in Compliance – MIM/ Basel Institute of Governance
• Certificate in Anti-Corruption Compliance – MIM/ Basel Institute of Governance
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
• ISO 9001:2015 Risks and Opportunity
• Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development
• ISO 37001:2016 Anti Bribery Management System
• ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System
• MS 1970 – Business Continuity Management
• MS 1900 – ǪMS Requirements for Islamic Perspective
• ADP System Manager – GEC Marconi
• ADP System Development – GEC Marconi
• MAFC3I Support Engineer – GEC Marconi

Mejar Mohd Daud bin Mohd Salleh

trainings completed
trainers certified
Glorious Years

Noraini Shuib



Noraini’s have more than thirty years of human resource management experiences as an HR practitioner in the corporate sector with hands-on experience  in both strategic and HR operation functions specifically in the area of talent management, talent planning and acquisition, performance management, learning and development and organization development.

Obtained direct consulting experience during setting up and implementation projects for clients in the area of performance management system, HR process improvement, new and improved benefits program, care competencies, employee assessment/evaluation, and talent acquisition/outsourcing of recruitment.

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HRDF Training Provider

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At NQC Technology, we provide training of skills for Information Technology and Business, as well as Solution Services that leverage on the power of IT to enable organisations to maximise their productivity.

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